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Your book might be good. But can it be better?

Show, don’t tell

What’s wrong with this: ‘Jim felt hurt that his wife did not discuss her plans with him.’? It sounds like an excerpt from a psychological report. Surely not one from the narrative of a sci-fi thriller. Yet, this is where … Continue reading

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The page-turner effect: Cliffhangers

It’s a well-known fact that we prefer to read a book in full chapters. Usually it’s one, two, three or more chapters per sitting and therefore, the more grabbing the end of a chapter is, the more likely we are … Continue reading

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Genre fiction: Is Unpleasantness enough to make a great Villain?

Or how to tell if your villain needs more development Take this example: “Jim drew his face closer to Hannah’s so, when he started to speak, a spray of spit landed on Hannah’s face. ‘You park in my spot once more,’ … Continue reading

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