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Information on approaching literary agents and publishers.

How Agents Submit to Publishers – an Editor’s Perspective

One of the most exciting parts of being an editor is receiving a brilliant pitch from an agent. For the most part, agents submit manuscripts via email. These emails vary widely from agent to agent – each one has their … Continue reading

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How to Submit to Agents – From an Agency’s Point of View

All agencies are run differently, and may attend to submissions in different ways. This can make it hard to know exactly how to pitch a manuscript. In general terms, it is always wise to research the agent, their list and … Continue reading

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Introduction to Self-editing Fiction

Eleanor Evans When writing fiction, countless hours are put into characters, scenes and a storyline and it would be surprising if an author did not become completely immersed in their work. As a result, it is normal for writers to … Continue reading

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‘Being ignored is something you get used to,’ says new writer signed up by United Agents

Lorena Goldsmith: Rowena, first of all, congratulations on being signed up by United Agents! Let’s start at the beginning. What made you think you could write a book and why did you give it a go? Rowena Kitchen: I woke … Continue reading

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Post London Book Fair 2010

I’ve attended the mid-list crisis seminar at the London Book Fair.I liked Dan Franklin from Jonathan Cape, despite his very serious stance.He is one of those who drop “long-tail” (or long–tale? lol) authors to make room for new ones. That’s … Continue reading

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Update March 25, 2012: Chekhov’s Rifle has been imported from Blogger to WordPress and it’s now the book blog for Lorena Goldsmith’s Self-Editing Fiction that Sells (Paperback, 2014). Welcome, everybody! Chekhov’s Rifle is Daniel Goldsmith Associates’ very first and probably … Continue reading

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