Lorena Goldsmith is literary and publishing consultant at Daniel Goldsmith Associates.

Self-editing Fiction that Sells (How to Books, 2013) is a guide to developing and editing your own genre novel. It points out the particularly common shortcomings in first-time genre fiction at the level of plot and story, narrative, style, characterisation and it gives advice on how to market your book with agents and publishers and what to consider if you opt for self-publishing.

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  1. Tom Corfield says:

    An excellent book which I stumbled across in a library (literally: it was on the floor). Flicking through it, I quickly realised my own novel reads like an adverbs convention (which is now its working title). I have since bought a copy and am diligently working through its practical advice, noting it carefully before daring to apply it to the appalling string of words I’ve collected under the guise of novel.

    The distinction made between ‘critical thinking’ (consistent POV for self editing) and ‘creative thinking’ (narrative flow for creative writing) was particularly enlightening, as it suggests editing is about a change in mindset. I’d been reluctant to investigate self-editing, convinced it requires skills above and beyond the mediocre creativity I struggle to draw upon. But ‘Self-editing Fiction that Sells’ leaves me encouraged and enthused, I am left suspecting that if I can write a book, I can learn to edit the thing as well.

    Many thanks, though I wish I’d found it earlier.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Tom. I’m delighted you are finding my guide useful and that it motivates you to improve your writing.

  3. Ivan Walsh says:

    Hello, really wish I had read your book before I started writing. Hope you write something else along the same lines. It’s the best I’ve seen out there. Regards. Ivan

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