Half a day in the life of a new writer

This morning, I have started my first writing-related book, which needs to be finished in no later than six months.
It’s my first day, so I’ve done… a full page.
I have the outline in front of me, I know I need to stick to it, but, Geez, it’s gonna be hard.
Not because I’ve got too much to say (this always gets me in trouble or gets me the compulsory punch in the nose, figuratively of course), but because I’ve always found writing obsessive and compulsive. And liberating.
I’ve stuck my business calendar on the wall – the calendar that some of my clients received for Christmas. Under each day, it says, “My target for today: 500 words.” I stared at the calendar for a few minutes and decided, OK, whatever. For now, I’ll take my son to the park for a bike ride. It’s a nice day.
I’ll take the spanner with me to remove stabilisers, as I feel today needs to stay a special day. He doesn’t need them, anyway.

About Lorena Goldsmith

Literary consultant at Daniel Goldsmith Associates.
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  1. Mara says:

    This was great to readd

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