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Post-2003 Pop-Culture Imaginary

Post-2003 must be having a deeper impact on our pop-culture imaginary than one would have thought. Bruno Mars: “I’d catch a grenade for ya (…) take a bullet straight through my brain [for ya]”. How heart-melting is that? Aww…

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Half a day in the life of a new writer

This morning, I have started my first writing-related book, which needs to be finished in no later than six months.It’s my first day, so I’ve done… a full page.I have the outline in front of me, I know I need … Continue reading

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Stieg Larsson

So I found out today that Stieg Larsson was a communist turned terrorist-trainer (he trained a female terrorist group to launch grenades somewhere in the world), turned right-wing extremist. Wow, I mean, what a switch, from communism to right-wing extreme! … Continue reading

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