Update March 25, 2012: Chekhov’s Rifle has been imported from Blogger to WordPress and it’s now the book blog for Lorena Goldsmith’s Self-Editing Fiction that Sells (How to Books, 2013).

Welcome, everybody!
Chekhov’s Rifle is Daniel Goldsmith Associates’ very first and probably very last blog.
Chekhov’s Rifle (or gun) is a literary technique where an apparently minor object/event is introduced earlier in the story to gain major importance later in the story, so much so that it creates a twist or it changes the plot.
It’s called “Chekhov’s Rifle” because Chekhov said in one of his letters that, in drama, if a rifle is hanging casually in the background in Scene 1, it needs to be fired by Scene 3 at the very latest.
It all sounds rather nerdy, doesn’t it? 🙂
Anyway, as I’m hoping to keep a 500 words post limit, I’d better end this one soon.
Keep checking on here for events, promotions, news etc!

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Literary consultant at Daniel Goldsmith Associates.
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